McLaren: £100 million of GVA to the local economy by 2028.

Let's rewind quickly: On February 9, 2017, McLaren Automotive Ltd announced the creation of the new McLaren Composites Technology Centre to be located within the Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation District (AMID).

Initially, McLaren Automotive and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) delivered a two-year research and development programme designed to improve the production process and reduce costs and lead times.

Today, the £50m facility builds the company’s carbon fibre chassis for its new models of supercar. The prestige of McLaren choosing our city is humbling and speaks for itself, but importantly for Sheffield it has also created approximately 200 jobs and will provide an estimated £100 million of GVA (gross value added) benefit to the local economy by 2028. 

In making this investment, McLaren Automotive joined Rolls Royce and other aerospace and automotive investors developing their products of the future within the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District.

Invest Sheffield and Sheffield City Council worked closely with McLaren Automotive and the AMRC over 18 months to bring together a comprehensive package of support covering the R&D programme, people and skills and the capital investment required to deliver the research.

Ken Smart, McLaren Automotive’s Sheffield Project Director said:
“The AMRC with their composite research capability provided the initial stimulus for considering Sheffield as a location for the new facility. However, relocating production from our existing supplier was a major, business critical, decision for the Board. The approach adopted by Sheffield City Council demonstrated that they understood the significance of the commercial risk McLaren Automotive were considering and structured their support to respond to that. This started at the top of the organisation and was reflected throughout our dealings with the City. We look forward to working with Sheffield City Council and its partners in order to embed and build on this investment in the future.”

McLaren makes Sheffield, and Sheffield makes McLaren

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