A selection of cookies on a marble counter top.

Doughboy Cookie Shop

Doughboy specialises in freshly-baked cookies, including its mainstay – a Bullion Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie. Which you may already be familiar with being the city’s resident chocolate factory.

In addition, Doughboy offers a rotating weekly menu of five other cookie flavours. Each inspired by desserts of all kinds- from your favourite chocolate bars, to homestyle bakes and more. They also have a cabinet filled with local hero’s Our Cow Molly Ice Cream, for all your scoops and shakes.

At the shop, the team bake, top and finish the cookies all on site, where customers can actually see see them in action. The Doughboy concept is the comings together of Max Scotford of Bullion and the guys behind Steam Yard – Nick Pears and Matt Cottril.

Additional Information

Opening times

Friday to Sunday 11am - 4pm