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Haydn & Fischer: String Quartets

18 May 2023 13:00 - 13:00

Pavel Fischer, composer and former first violin of the Škampa Quartet, joins Ensemble 360’s string players Claudia Ajmone-Marsen, Rachel Roberts and Gemma Rosefield.

Fischer will lead his third string quartet inspired by Moravian folk music, evoking ‘Piper Bill’, who played while under fire during the D-Day landings in Normandy.

Led by Ensemble 360’s Benjamin Nabarro, Haydn’s innovative, folk-inspired D major quartet precedes Fischer’s works, with its hymn-like opening, joyous variations and complex, chromatic conclusion.


  • HAYDN String Quartet Op.20 No.4 (25’)
  • TRADITIONAL (arr. FISCHER) Two Songs from the Moravian Highlands (8’)
  • FISCHER String Quartet No.3 ‘Mad Piper’ (17’)

Part of the Sheffield Chamber Music Festival.


£5.00 - £16.00