Lucy Creamer, rock climber

Sheffield makes me feel like I'm living in the middle of something special and exciting.

I engage with Sheffield in many ways and am always surprised at how much it has to give. As a dog owner, Sheffield’s many parks and woodlands keep me endlessly entertained and I never get bored with the raw nature we have in this city. Everywhere you look, especially on the west side, the views are filled with trees. To such an extent it can be hard to believe you are in the middle of a city sometimes. 

As a climber, runner, vegan and lover of interesting beers, there isn't a better city to live. I am also a student now, so again, I'm seeing a whole other side to Sheffield’s vibrancy.

The climbing community has also been a big draw for many. When I decided to move up north from Bristol over twenty years ago, I was deciding between Leeds and Sheffield. Sheffield won because I knew I would immediately become involved in a community of like-minded, keen people.

So it has become a special place for me because for many years I thought it was somewhere I wouldn't be settling long. But I now realise there is nowhere I'd rather live. It has everything I need (except the sea!).