Nick Morgan, Co-Founder of Kollider

Sheffield makes me, me.

Sheffield is open and honest - a place where I have had access to great people, city leaders, the Universities and industry. Sheffield is a place that celebrates and supports independent businesses; when I have asked for support, I have received it, the people and leadership of the city have helped underpin the success of our projects.

The city is filled with creative intelligence and people with the ability and desire to ‘make things better’, a desire to impact positively on other peoples lives. Sheffield is a place to invent, to create, a place of opportunity for those willing to roll up their sleeves and make stuff happen. Kollider is an embodiment of this - a collection of projects, partnerships and platforms, the best known of which is the regeneration of Castle House - the iconic 5 storey listed former Co-Op department store in Castlegate. 

Sheffield is my home city, the place of family and old friends - living and working here is unlike any place around the world I have worked, the people are naturally incredibly sociable and respectful, the city is safe and welcoming and has space to live and play in beautiful natural environments.