Our Cow Molly Farm

Our Cow Molly is located in a small village called Dungworth in Sheffield, which is just outside the Peak District. You can come up to the farm for an ice cream cone or an ice cream sundae! Sit in their ice cream parlour, or on one of the benches and enjoy the views looking out towards the city. Or just pop in and pick up some ice cream in a tub to go.

As well as the ice cream shop, the farm also have new born calves, lambs and hens to come and see. Molly and her friends will be about too when they come in for milking, usually around 4pm.

Opening Times

Wednesday : 11am - 5pm
Friday : 11am - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday : 11am - 5pm

Additional Information

The dairy farm was first established in 1947 and have been producing ice cream since 2007.

The big difference in their ice cream is that they use fresh milk and cream. Not many ice cream producers can afford to buy in so much dairy product, but they have 80 cows so that's no problem for them!

Our Cow Molly ice cream is made with the farm’s milk and cream, to which they add only the best quality ingredients. They have over thirty flavours, but these change weekly in the parlour as they only have room for sixteen in scooping cabinet- so you never know what specials might be available!

You'll find Our Cow Molly ice cream and milk in other shops and venues across Sheffield, but their full range is only available at our Farm Shop.

The ice cream parlour is open 11am to 5pm, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, but open every day during school holidays. 

They also have a special vending machine which is open 8am to 8pm everyday, so even when the shop isn't open you can still get an ice cream fix.