Just take a look at any of these businesses and what they have to say about Sheffield, and you'll understand why we are a bit of a magnet with the right sort of chemistry for so many different organisations.


Cutting edge light weighting technologies to drive efficiency for super cars? Tick.

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Joining forces with the world's largest aerospace company

Sheffield is the only European factory for the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing, with a multi-million pound investment bringing new jobs and providing the region’s businesses with new supply chain opportunities. This further cements Sheffield City Region (SCR’s) credentials as a global centre for innovation-inspired advanced manufacturing.

A business in a city on the international stage

Accelerating into a smarter future

Splitting water to power machines

Sheffield is a beacon of opportunity

At the heart of digital in the north

Powering productivity in Sheffield and beyond

Global player in the world of video games

Nurturing the next generation of business leaders

Trio of brothers develop a world-hit video game

Honeybee brains inspiring autonomous machines

Growing leadership and management expertise

From Sheffield to Sub-Saharan African