A night out that leads to new discoveries and dancing with the locals.

If you're looking for enormous capacity, London style super clubs, then you might be disappointed. But we've been an inventive set of folks since the 12th century and so we have a DIY ethic that's all about the music, the people, and the spaces. It's a magic mix that creates truly memorable nights out- not just the same old clubbing experience in a different city.

Get exploring some of our best independent venues, clubs and bars.

A vibe to suit any night out

Just because it's late doesn't mean it has to be a club. Take your pick below to see a list of all our night time venue listings.

Clubs & venues

For music, clubbing and events

From 300 people rocking out to 30 people nerding around a laptop making clicks and bleeps - whatever your vibe, there's a place to call home for the evening (and possibly morning too).

A lot of our venues take part in multi-location festivals around the city too, such as No Bounds and the Tramlines Fringe, so depending on when you're here you might see completely different crowds and music styles... and that's just the beauty of Sheffield, we're into it all.


Whether it's craft beer or cocktails

An abundance of re-purposed industrial spaces gives you exposed brick, old public toilets, rooftop terraces and shipping containers to choose from. Some of them give you food to go with a drink, others are strictly all about the craft of what goes in the glass.

From drip infusions to Wes Anderson-esque interiors, one thing is certain - you're guaranteed to find something that suits, whether it's a night out as a group or a fancy spot for a date.

You can browse all the best independent bars we have listed here...

Nocturnal Activities

Bars with a difference? These nighttime hangouts offer something more than just good drinks...

Shuffle Shack

Located in the depths of Picture House Social, Shuffle Shack is Sheffield's first Shuffle Bar with a game that's kinda like curling. Don't worry, they’ll teach you and once you’re hooked it’s hard to quit.

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Lane 7

Ten-pin bowling with a difference! Add cool bar aesthetic, neon lighting, beer pong, ski ball, air hockey, arcade games, plus bangin' street food and Lane 7 has your night out sorted. 

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Golf Fang

Seriously crazy golf! Expect 18 holes of pure entertainment in an environment surrounded by bespoke art, complete with an amazing atmosphere, DJs, cocktails and street food.

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"Leeds has chain shops and bars whereas Sheffield is more independent.

I moved to Sheffield from Leeds. I love that the city is relatively small in comparison, so there’s always a familiar face coming round the corner. Sheffield is a great hub for music. I’ve been to loads of events and there’s always something going on. There are lots of quirky bars, shops and cafes."

Missy Render, architecture student at Sheffield Hallam University

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