Runner in Meersbrook Park with cityscape view in the background

Roads, paths, trails, fells...

In a city with so much greenspace, running is a pleasure, not a chore!

Wherever you go in Sheffield, you will see people running. There are the joyful Saturday morning Parkruns; legendary fell runs that weave along city boundaries out into the Peak District, to casual jogs with friends and team runs with a friendly community of running groups across the city. 

Not forgetting the incredible Sheffield Half Marathon, which offers one of the best race routes in the UK (possibly the world), along with an amazing turnout of spectators adding to the atmosphere.

Either way if you're a runner, you will love your long weekend/city break/post-conference evening off/life here in Sheffield.

Come for an adventure in The Outdoor City

A short video to give you some inspiration about the feel you'll get exploring our outdoors.

The Outdoor City run routes

We have a number of routes dotted around parks, woods and spaces throughout the city which cater for all abilities and paces. Have a look and see where you can explore next.

Use our Greenground map to find new runs

Follow the lines or link them up in your own way - whatever your preference, there's plenty of greenspace to find your way through.

Get involved


can all help

Be a better Outdoor Cityzen

Whether you live here or are visiting - biodiversity, the climate and nature crises, and health and wellbeing are important aspects of life to consider.

We want to help everyone make Sheffield more sustainable, eco-conscious and biodiverse.