The advanced manufacturing and engineering sectors in Sheffield

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Industrial decline happened the world over, and it devastated cities. What enabled some to bounce back was the application of that knowledge to new problems - and Sheffield was lucky to have so many inventive people at the forefront of engineering and manufacturing.

We are now known all over the world as a leading centre for engineering research, advanced manufacturing (or 2.0, as some call it), light weight technologies and specialist materials - and, perhaps most importantly, having the knowledge and skills base from our Universities to excel in prototyping and R&D too.

Today, a plethora of some of the worlds biggest manufacturers have centres here - and they are surrounded by both older, local companies who provide specialist services around the world, and new start ups filling gaps that spring up in the rapid advancement of the sector.

The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID)

The AMID is a 2,000 acre centre of excellence in metals and materials manufacturing, which encompasses Sheffield, Rotherham and the Lower Don Valley. It is a catalyst for innovation-led manufacturing across the Sheffield City Region (SCR) and Northern Powerhouse, attracting new international investors and generating R&D to the existing manufacturing base.

The area houses many of the UK’s leading manufacturers, including Boeing, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Alcoa, Liberty Steel and Forgemasters. 

If you would like to discuss opportunities for investment in the AMID please get in touch with one of our investment managers.

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An exterior shot of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre Factory 2050.

The reasons McLaren chose Sheffield

The facilities are one thing, but it's the people, the talent and the place that also played hugely significant roles for McLaren.

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Investment here delivers around the world

Rolls Royce

The world's most advanced, £110m blade casting facility


Their first European base, with a £40m production facility

Factory 2050

Where the UK’s first state of the art collaborative centre makes future proofed industry, education and employment.

Sheffield Robotics

This joint initiative by both Universities has resulted in cutting edge research and the largest autonomous drone testing facilities (indoor and outdoor) in the UK.

A woman using an augmented reality headset.
An exterior shot of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre's training centre.

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and Nuclear AMRC

These centres are two of the UK Government’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres, targeting the most vital technologies for the UK’s future and enabling companies to tap into a national network of manufacturing research excellence.

This collaboration between university and industry allows our local businesses to reduce risk with research, testing, prototyping and rapid commercialisation and is a key driver for the growth of the supply chain in our region.

The AMRC has a global reputation for transforming industrial and economic performance by making step changes in productivity, increasing competitiveness, developing new products and processes and training new talent and skills.

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Where digital meets manufacturing

The AMRC is at the forefront of manufacturing precisely because it takes new approaches to technology and develops talent to keep the ideas flowing.