Welcome to the world of Look Up - an Augmented Reality Art Trail, occupying the rooftops of buildings around Sheffield City Centre.

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A fun way to explore the city, Look Up has been designed for everyone to enjoy. It's been created by Sheffield companies, artists, studios and producers, helping to showcase the creative talent in our city. All you need to do is download the app and get exploring.

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Look Up has been created to help bring our changing city centre to life, and show the world the inventive nature of the people and creative businesses who call Sheffield home.

As independent businesses move back in as part of the Heart of the City development; as flats and homes and workspaces change to make the city centre more liveable; and as we adapt the physical landscape and reputation of the city itself through new opportunities - we wanted to celebrate all that is great about Sheffield makers for the whole world to see. 

The project has been led by Marketing Sheffield, part of Sheffield City Council, and paid for via a grant from the 'Getting Building Fund'.

The locations & artworks

Find out more about where each artwork is located, who has produced it, and get a few tips on what else you can do in the area (including where to eat, drink and shop nearby).



Look Up, it's Corbin Shaw!

Little Kelham, Kelham Island

We are so pleased to feature the first digital media piece Corbin has worked on, right here in his home town - especially in Kelham Island, where his dad still works to this day!

It's a piece that captures the spirit of the city, somehow: hopeful yet realistic, positive without being overly optimistic; down to earth without being dull.

So take those selfies and record those videos and share them with the world on social media.

Look Up, it's Corbin Shaw!

Look Up in WIRED

As an online publication that illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives, we're absolutely delighted that WIRED magazine have done a feature on Look Up. With a global following of millions, this represents some truly international profile for the initiative and Sheffield as a city. 

Read article
Hand with mobile phone held up in front of The Diamond Building, Sheffield, showing  Look Up AR art

Meet the makers of Look Up

Sheffield is full of creative and tech talent, so we didn't have to go far to work with some incredible people and businesses - but we have collaborated on a global scale to make Look Up happen... Below you can find out more about who has helped bring this amazing experience to life.


Megaverse are an incredible company specialising in virtual and augmented reality. They have built the app that you'll use to view the artworks - so they are the architects and digital builders of all the design elements that come as part of the experience. Without their expertise, the artworks couldn't come to life, and it just simply wouldn't be as great as it is.

Megaverse website

Corbin Shaw

Corbin Shaw (b.1998) is a British artist based in Bethnal Green, East London. Originally from Sheffield, Corbin explores ideas of masculinity through the medium of textiles. Using his upbringing in a South Yorkshire ex-mining town Corbin investigates masculinity and how that was defined to him growing up. Breaking stigmas and stereotypes through his re-imagination of masculine 'icons' and objects, the artist pays homage to the people and places that have shaped his northern identity – the pub, football pitches and boxing gyms. 

Corbin Shaw website

Universal Everything

Universal Everything are world leaders in their field who have been commissioned worldwide on immersive alternate reality projects. Based in Sheffield, they create incredible, daring and genre defining work, and we couldn't be happier that they have helped bring Look Up to life right on their very own doorstep.

Universal Everything website

Human Studio

Human Studio are a creative agency based in Park Hill. They have worked on projects around the globe and have extensive experience in working in augmented and virtual reality. Frequently collaborating on cutting edge projects, we are utterly delighted that they have turned their hands to this project specifically for Sheffield.

Human Studio website

Niantic Labs

Niantic Labs are a tech company based in San Francisco who have helped make Google Earth and Google Maps what they are - but are most famous for bringing Pokemon Go to life. They are all about using technology to lean into the ‘reality’ of augmented reality — encouraging everyone to get outside, get moving and explore, and connect with the world around us. Quite fitting for The Outdoor City, really.

Niantic website


Jaywing are a leading data, creative, and intelligence agency with offices around the world - headquartered right in the centre of Sheffield in their amazing re-purposed old industrial space. They helped create the assets we have used to promote the Look Up app and have worked on the PR for the project (plus they helped create Sheffield's city brand and this website!).

Jaywing website

A legacy for the city

The Look Up app is a platform that can help to constantly evolve Sheffield by adding new locations to the trail. Working with partner organisations new works can be showcased and create the worlds first city to have a permanent and free augmented reality art trail for everyone to enjoy.

We want the investment that created it to keep giving back and allowing people to access culture in new and innovative ways, whilst also supporting organisations who want to create.

Whether it's showcasing music alongside augmented reality content; profiling artistic creations; or bringing visions of our world to reality to educate and inspire people - we want to help showcase how a city can do all these things to attract visitors, talented people, business investment - and provide something to engage our residents and give them something to be proud of.

Got an idea?

Partner with us

If you have an idea for something you or your organisation would like to create to feature as part of Look Up then let us know.

Get in touch


You would need to have funding to create the artworks and test and implement them in the app. We have a tech spec we can supply, but a small amount of development time will still be required. Look Up will not be used for advertising purposes - it is a cultural project. The content would need to be suitable for all ages and audiences.

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