Scenic viewpoints, lush valleys, weaving waterways, ancient woodland... why wouldn't you walk?

It's not too common that you get all this in a city. And it's even less common that you can get to it really easily, and see so many different types of environment in such a short space of time.

Our parks often connect wilder greenspaces, and of course there's the Peak District (which actually makes up 1/3 of the city itself). It's no wonder folks who want an active weekend away (with plenty of heritage, cafes, pubs and culture all intertwined) choose to come here.

Come for an adventure in The Outdoor City

A short video to give you some inspiration about the feel you'll get exploring our outdoors.

Get around with the greenground map

Created in 2021 to help show that there's greenspace for all across the whole of the city, it's a great way to get some inspiration for new places or to see how you can link one area with another through parks and woodlands or across rivers and moorland.

"Walking always lifts my spirits"

Julia Bradbury guides you round some of her favourite Sheffield walks, covering the hills and the peaks right down to the canals and industrial heritage of the city.


Videos of the walks

Be a better Outdoor Cityzen

Whether you live here or are visiting - biodiversity, the climate and nature crises, and health and wellbeing are important aspects of life to consider.

We want to help everyone make Sheffield more sustainable, eco-conscious and biodiverse.


can all help