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Strength in breadth

Sheffield has long been renowned for its strengths in the digital and creative industries, with ground breaking agencies like The Designer's Republic, Warp and Sumo all having been founded in Sheffield. But it goes far beyond that now, as our capabilities in digital and tech have found specialisms within other sectors, meaning we are also leading the way in mobility, education and manufacturing technology.

We believe this is what sets us apart as a place in which to invest - there is no one dominant area, meaning cross-fertilisation of talent, ideas and practices increases the strength of all specialisms thanks to the friendly and collaborative nature of Sheffield as a city.

As a result of this, as well as numerous digital bodies and festivals, there is an ever expanding value chain which is delivering specialist training to support growth in the sector and a thriving network of over 100 companies, incubators and organisations; all of which make-up our digital media and technology ecosystem.

EdTech in Sheffield

See why we are such a leading force in this huge growth sector.


WanDisco are the live data company trusted by some of the world's biggest brands. They are all about helping businesses run faster, more efficiently and serving customers better by having better access to real data in live time. Simple to say, much more difficult to execute. 

The impact WanDisco has had on Sheffield has been huge - from putting the city on the map with regards what they do, to working closely with Sheffield College and the Universities to take on graduates, and working passionately with other indigenous businesses. On top of this they are leading the way with new working practices, having moved to a 4-day working week to enhance employee wellbeing and attract and enhance talent. Hats off to them.

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Graduates with the right skills

Hear from WanDisco's CEO, David Richard's (and Hallam graduate Harry Battles) on why Sheffield is such a great place for a business like this, and for grads.

Raising Sheffield’ profile: Tech Climbers

Business Sheffield is an Associate of Tech Climbers 2023, a regional list showcasing the top performing, IP rich, product led technology businesses in growth regions across the UK. Our expert Tech Advisors Chris and Morgan have been raising awareness of Tech Climbers Yorkshire among Sheffield’s thriving network of tech businesses and taking part in scoring to help uplift the best in tech across the region.

Read about five Sheffield companies recognised as top-performing tech businesses

With strengths ranging from learning and movement to the creative industries and advanced manufacturing, coupled with an outstanding network of organisations supporting tech businesses, Sheffield is an ideal place to start or scale a tech business. We’re proud to be part of the growth the sector has seen here in recent years. 

We want to see this crucible of activity and innovation recognised as integral to the UK’s tech scene, and initiatives like Tech Climbers are essential in raising its profile. We’re passionate about tech and new business in Sheffield, and excited to see emerging businesses getting the support and recognition they deserve.



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Incubation and acceleration

The digital and tech sector has a symbiotic relationship with incubation and accelerator programmes - of which, appropriately, Sheffield has many fantastic examples.

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Sector specialisms

The crossing over of digital and tech with health, culture and manufacturing is a real asset to the city, because talent enhances talent for mutual gain.

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We are here to help your business integrate into Sheffield, no matter what size or specialism. Our advisers and investment managers can help whether you are an indigenous business or looking to relocate.

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