Andreea Huidan

Andreea is a Politics and Philosophy student at the University of Sheffield

"After living in Sheffield for three years, I’ve realised that the best part about it is how diverse and well-connected each neighbourhood is because it makes it so easy to explore the city and its surrounding areas. There are so many things to do and visit, from independent coffee shops and vintage stores to museums, parks, and the Peak District, which is a must-see for everyone who’s got a day off and wants to relax and explore. 

If I only had one day left in Sheffield and wanted to make the most of it I’d start by meeting with some friends at the Students’ Union. We’d grab some food – or bring some with us from home – and go to Weston Park for a little picnic in the sun next to the blue pavilion. After we’ve taken enough photos and eaten all the food, we’d go down to Division Street to get some bubble tea from Chatime. I’d highly recommend the peach milk tea with boba, that’s always my go-to drink and it’s super refreshing. Next, we’d take a walk around the city centre, through the Peace Gardens and the Winter Gardens and stopping by the Millenium Gallery. 

If it’s not too late in the afternoon, we’d go down to the Interchange and get a bus to Bakewell, Chatsworth House, or some other place in the Peak District. A return ticket is usually about £5-6, the ride there takes about an hour and the views are amazing. After walking or hiking for a few hours, depending on what route we decide to take, we’d most likely end the day in a nice little pub and have a Sunday roast or some pies. I always get back home feeling content after a day like this and it’s been the perfect ‘reset day’ for the times when I needed a break from assignments or even for the moments when I felt a bit homesick.

I’m one of the nearly 30,000 students at the University of Sheffield and everyone’s ideal day out would look so entirely different so yours might be different, too! The key takeaway from this is that there are many opportunities to relax, have fun, explore and socialise in and around Sheffield – you’ll surely find your favourite!"


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