Chris Brush, playwright

Sheffield makes me inspired.

Standing at the Sky’s Edge is a musical that tells the stories of people who live and love in one Park Hill flat over three overlapping timelines, with the assistance of beautiful songs by Richard Hawley.

I like my work to be ambitious and irreverent. I like tackling big ideas and experimenting with form and genre, but above all else, it comes down to finding honest human stories that an audience can connect with.

Telling the story of Park Hill wasn't my idea, but I was delighted to be asked – it means a huge amount to the city, and comes with a lot of responsibility. Generally speaking, I just want to make work that matters to the audience it's put in front of – that's always my primary aim.

I don't think Sheffield likes to shout about itself much, which is a shame because it's amazing. Sheffield Theatres is a world-class institution and recognised as such.