Manjit Sareen, Co-founder and CEO of Natterhub

Sheffield makes me feel like a part of an amazing community with lots of great energy.

I’ve previously been based in the south, but we brought Natterhub to Sheffield because of the opportunity to work with Twinkl - as they’re a major player in ed tech, coming to Sheffield was a no-brainer!

As well as working closely with TwinklHive, we’ve been very proud to be a part of the Laptops For Kids scheme in the South Yorkshire area. We want to help children learn to be safe and thrive online, but that can’t happen if they don’t have reliable access to the internet.

I’ve really felt the spirit of the city when forming our business. We made a platform for all sorts of people to share their ideas and experiences, and we’ve been shaped by our interactions with Twinkl, which has helped to launch us and reach educators across the globe.

To me Sheffield feels like a city of contrasts, even more so than London. You’ve got a vibrant city centre that’s surrounded by some of the most amazing natural beauty. And contrasts help you to stand out; start-ups can be swallowed up by huge cities like London, but being in Sheffield has really allowed us to flourish.