Richard Tims, Chairman of Sheffield FC

Sheffield makes me... enough said!

Although Sheffield is probably not the noisiest when shouting about ourselves, we have the qualities of being warm, friendly and welcoming. I can testify this by the thousands of international visitors that make a pilgrimage to The Home of Football each year.  

The City has now embraced Sheffield FC and the work we have done to establish the brand of The World’s First Football Club. The good will towards myself and the Club can now be felt across the divide of the red and blue sides of our city.

The two big project we have just kicked off are the relocation of Sheffield FC to a new site in the City which will be better placed to serve our teams but also will encompass a new stadium with an international visitor centre. A place where every fan of every club around the world should visit to see where the beautiful game began.

The second is to digitally replicate the above using channels that allow fans to embrace the Club, our aim is to create sustainability from both projects, our audience is the 3.5 billion fans that love the beautiful game.