Sheffield is a great place to start a business because it's big enough to feel like there's opportunity, but small enough to feel that you can make a difference. We have a strong business community with a genuine appreciation of local independents, a tech sector positioned for great collaboration and a rich manufacturing base.

Helping is what we do at Business Sheffield. We’re here to give people the confidence to take the first step. We know the value of entrepreneurs, of local business, of how both of those help our communities and ensure people have jobs.


Maybe you’ve been thinking about digital adoption or accessing skills? Perhaps you are keen to work out how to be more productive and innovate your processes. Maybe it’s about filling job vacancies or upskilling your teams? Or do you need help expanding your premises or accessing finance. That’s where we come in. 

Business Sheffield’s team of specialists are available for you to access direct 121 support, advice and help. They are experts in their sectors and have been in your shoes.

Whether you're starting or growing, have a look below at the different services we offer.

Giving you confidence

It's not just us who thinks Sheffield is great...


Sellics ranked Sheffield as the third best city in the world to launch an online business.

Sellics rankings


Paymentsense ranked Sheffield as the best city in the UK to start a business.

Paymentsense rankings


Startups Cities Index rated us best city in the UK to start a business.

Startups report
Find out why

"I moved to Sheffield to start the business,

feeling it was a place where it could work due to its attitude to innovation and sense of community."

More services


Free and impartial advice. We can help find the right premises, whether it's via our property search or by contacting one of the team.

Help to relocate

Council Services

Click through to find all the business related information from main Sheffield City Council website, including rates, trading standards, licensing, etc.

Council services

Business Support Grants

See details of the current grants on offer and how to get help navigating the process.

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Make it a success

Everyone starts somewhere, and Sheffield is a great breeding ground for new ideas and start ups because of how interconnected everything is and how friendly the communities here are. 

And all of that means businesses grow and flourish. Saying that is one thing, but showing you is something else - and we want you to see some of the businesses who started where you are now, and have made it to where you want to be.

See Sheffield's success stories