The retracting pitch at Tottenham Hotspur FC's ground. The technology that made it possible was was created by Sheffield business SCX.
A woman using an augmented reality headset.

Inventive solutions to global issues

History and heritage are important to Sheffield - our prowess in heavy industry, particularly steel, has created the conditions that have allowed us to flourish.

But whilst we still produce a lot of steel through huge global industry leaders such as Forgemasters, we are no longer defined by this sector. Conversely, the application of industrial skill and the heritage of 'making' has led to different kinds of making across multiple sectors. The natural beauty of The Outdoor City, the friendliness of the people here, and the different pace of life have led to a breeding ground of different ideas, ways of doing things, and inventive solutions that help to solve problems all over the world.

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Advanced manufacturing & engineering

When Boeing, McLaren and Rolls Royce are all within a stone's throw distance of each other, investing hundreds of millions of pounds into one of the world's leading research centres, you know there's something special going on.

When you combine that with an already burgeoning engineering sector, which delivers solutions such as Tottenham Hostpur's retractable pitch to enable the NFL to play in London, it's quite apparent that Sheffield really is a place that cannot be matched in this regard. 

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An orange McLaren parked outside the McLaren building at The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District.
Communion 2 Photography By James Medcraft

Digital and tech

It's a broad term, we know. But when you have specialisms across mobility, health, creative, manufacturing and education, it's really difficult to come up with another heading title (let us know if you have any ideas).

To illustrate the point:

Sheffield hosts over 60% of the UK's digital learning resource platforms.

Sheffield will be home to the in-development Centre for Child Health Technology - which will be the first of its kind and biggest devoted resource in the world.

Sheffield is home to some of the world's foremost companies in tech solutions, such as WanDisco, and the most respected creative media agencies like Universal Everything.

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Sport, Health and wellbeing

There are no other cities in the world with an Olympic Legacy Park which hasn’t hosted the Olympics.

This catalyst has propelled an already packed city full of health professionals (thanks to the NHS Trusts located here) to work with research (thanks to our two highly-prestigious universities) and digital and tech specialists (see above) to extraordinary heights.

If your business is in these sectors, we’d like to think we’re worth knowing about.

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An exterior shot of the Translational Energy Research Centre.
Meet Rory Jones, Chemistry grad now working at Tutorful

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taking an empirical approach to software product development."

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